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Hallucinogin Craft Distillery
& Jinn Bar Riebeek Kasteel   South Africa

The word hallucinogen means

"to wander in the mind".

The word Hallucinogin means

"to wander from the mind"

Since the record

of sin and salvation,

The Jinn lies within,

Since the time

of gin and divination,

Such mischief begin,

Greater you are

than a prisoner of mind,

go wonder!.

Crafted from locally distilled

spirits, an elegant sufficiency

of juniper and a

blend of botanicals

that cause, for pause! 

 The consumption of this product

will not induce any

hallucinogenic effect,

but may be helpful

to induce a little self-awareness

when imbibed whilst

contemplating its unique

flavours, scents, aroma

and entrancing label.

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About Hallucinogin

Hallucinogin® was registered as a trademark in 2011 and developed into a craft gin following years of research and refinement.


Hallucinogin® is a hand crafted “Contemporary” style gin, infused with a secret blend of botanicals that include juniper berries and other spices.


Please note that consumption of this product will not induce a hallucinatory effect. 

The clean, subtle and refreshing nuances of Hallucinogin® are best enjoyed over ice with a slice of lemon, lime or orange with original Indian Tonic Water, or with your own selection of fresh ingredients and mixers.

Hallucinogin is distilled and bottled from our Craft Distillery at 32 Main Rd, Riebeek Kasteel, 7307 Western Cape, South Africa.


Alcohol Content: 43% ABV


Volume: 750ml & 375ml


Available Products


32 Main Street, Riebeek Kasteel, 7307

Western Cape, South Africa

+27 82 336 2103 

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